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Luxury Residential Interview

June 25, 2018 by dlgAdmin

What are some considerations clients have to make before designing their luxury residential space?

Here are seven things to consider when designing a luxury home:

  • To choose a reputable design firm
  • To determine the purpose of the Home
  • To decide which features the home will have.
  • To choose the proper location.
  • To define a budget.
  • To engage with a designer that can translate their needs into something special and individual for that client
  • To define a clear budget & to be clear about what it is they wish to achieve

Where should a client look for inspiration?

Designing a luxurious home should be inspired from the life style of the client, from the trendy design movements around the city and internationally, either by travelling or browsing the design websites and blogs to discover new products and different mood images and photos which can guide him to define and to canalize his Ideas

The best inspirations are from experiences gathered by the client. Think about the great places you have visited, research them and follow the path that brings you on. Find likeminded people and use their knowledge to guide you.

Social application such as Pinterest and Instagram are great resources, but should be secondary to getting out and gathering personal memories based on your lifestyle.

What kind of companies should you look out for? In terms of reputation, size, offerings, etc.

When it comes to choose the design firm to transform your ideas and brief into a luxurious  residential space meeting your expectation ,you should address to reputable design firm working on different style and scale of projects with international approach , with an adequate capability of designers and technical staff to work on your project following the international standards and design trends , as well as the capability to draw and execute the details and to develop and supervise the project from the initial sketches until the handing over stage

What is the benefit of a company offering both fit out and design services

A company with the capacity of offering international design standards and fit out services, will work from an early stage on the design to optimize the cost without compromising on the quality, with the knowhow of site works and details execution, the client should not face any problems of coordination and unexpected site issue or over cost for the different stage of the project, in addition to the wide range accessibilities for different materials and construction products.

How do you go about picking out a color scheme, soft furnishing, texture and materials for your space? Please elaborate

As  design process , we do first elaborate with our client the main concept , once the concept approved , we start developing and detailing the sub areas based on the brief and the functionality of each entity , choosing a color or textured fabric , is the FF&E exercise where we dig into details and we develop for each area or entity its own identity based on the functionality , and always keeping link with the main scheme, as an example selecting colors of fabric or texture for formal living area is different from selecting for a private living or master bedroom, other elements  should be taken into consideration , daylight , the type of artificial light , the location etc..

What are the trends with residential design and smart luxury interiors?

The design trends for the last few years become a details focus ,   starting from the usage of low maintenance material more of engineering products than natural elements , also we can fins the brass trimming and touches reaching the Ironmongery and the fixture , changing  as well some of the classic focal points such as the kitchen , private dining and even the bathrooms which become a living space , and fore sure the touch of the art which we consider that the furniture or the light fitting can be an art feature.

How can one incorporate smart luxury interiors with contemporary elements?

“Luxury” doesn’t necessarily have to be synonymous with “top “or “expensive”. There are lots of ways to add a luxurious touch to a home. By keeping the space modern minimalistic with smart focus on key elements which will create an accent and focal point in the space , the key elements of the contemporary interior design are , the color which can be through neutral color choices ,focus on details and the metal trimming and accessories which provides sleek finish clean look , additionally ,the use of textured fabric for some accent element and furniture piece matching a choice of very light or very dark wood tone calibrated based on the combination of different material choice from the hard finishes to the soft furnishing , and for sure on the top we should consider the touch of the lighting which will highlight the design elements

What elements of hospitality does Draw Link implement in their luxury residential projects?

Designing a luxurious home is different from a hospitality project, but some of the element can be considered and implemented to meet the client for the residential project expectation, comfy furniture, the usage durable materials, introducing new feature related to home automation, flooring and wall covering

What innovative pieces/spaces has Draw Link created in their residences?

Home theatre, lounge / bar area, beverage cellar etc.

What aspects of hospitality do you think will be adopted into residential design?

The hotels are inspiring design for residential projects ,including from open and welcoming lobbies with richly textured furniture to commercial kitchens , it is affecting different areas in the residential projects  such as the bathrooms and the use of the water fall showers , the fitted Jacuzzi, the spas , the kitchens as well as the social area where events happens.