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Draw Link Studio, Athens

November 11, 2017 by dlgAdmin

Dubai-based Draw Link Group opens new office in Greece:
Draw Link Studio

Dubai based architecture and design firm, Draw Link Group, has expanded into the European market with the launch of operations in Athens, Greece.

“As we make our ten year mark in 2018, we are keen on establishing our presence in Europe, to develop and expand our design capacity and capabilities in the region. The Greek market has been home to high-quality design and architecture in recent times, and we look forward to pursuing the market and bringing its diverse influence to our projects in the UAE,” said Daousser Chennoufi, Principal and CEO of Draw Link Group.

By this expansion strategy, Draw Link Studio in Athens is not only supporting various Dubai based projects, but it is as well paving the way for new projects and hospitality ventures in the region.

The team is currently providing execution, design development and planning for luxury residential and commercial properties for developers and private clients as well as for hotels and restaurants.

Founded in 2008, the Draw Link Group specializes in design and architecture for hospitality and luxury residences.

Headquartered in Dubai, Draw Link Group has offices in Shanghai, Tunis, Minsk, and now in Greece.