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Bedroom Design Trends 2018

January 21, 2018 by dlgAdmin

We strive to make our bedrooms more comfortable and luxurious

We are all experiencing changes in lifestyle, and with this the bedroom has diversified from a place of rest, to a room for relaxation and a place where we are also entertained, … changes in technology have played a large part in how we entertain ourselves in our homes, giving us lots of options for media consumption & that changes how we interact with our environment… we can now consume content in lots of different ways, but we strive to make our bedrooms more comfortable and luxurious; places we enjoy spending time…. With the bed as the center of the room… or it could be described as your nest.


The Bed Trend

Light framed beds raised off the floor with deep luxurious quilting and layers of blankets, give a cozy voluptuous & comfortable place to sleep or sit up and watch a series. Beds can be lightweight, with elegant structure, but framed beds and four posters offer an exquisite experience.

Fabrics & Texture

Textures should be light, with volume & layers… Oversized knits, light and full offer this deep and comfortable covering without being too warm through the summer months, allowing air through full textures. These should be layered with light linens & weaves providing a cooling and comfortable space. Light materials such as linen can be draped from your tall framed bed, lightening the feeling of the room.

Furniture Trends

Furniture choices can be eclectic, rather than from defined sets… materials should have a familial quality but heights and depths can be mixed. Furniture should be solid with good workmanship providing a base to accessorise and individualise your look with artifacts and soft furnishings. Scattered accessories to be changed according to moods/season as well as colour combinations.

A carefully orchestrated mess ads to the idea of comfort. Eclectic collections of books, asymmetrical lighting are one of the key bedroom trends for 2017.

Lighting Trends

Lighting should be a key consideration and is a trend that is changing with the needs of the modern family… ambient lighting, hidden LED’s, and atmospheric washes are now achievable in simple apply formats… this allows you to change the atmosphere in the rooms based on your use at the time… snuggle up with a book & you will need a direct light to help your reading, but settling down with your partner to watch a romantic thriller will benefit from some more ambient lighting effects.

Colour & Materials

The current trend is for lighter timbers such as maple and birch and painted pastels with some light aging and patina. Textured fabrics should be simple colours, naturals & woven patterns, but other fabrics can be added to introduce more expressive patterns or florals.

Three dimensional textures and patterns can be applied to surfaces, the trend is growing and the ability to produce deeper textures and interesting patterns is growing in a really interesting way.

Relaxing in the bedroom is a trend…

TV’s might be important in our living environment… but we must take care to keep focus on other come compelling aspects of our lifestyle… soften the idea of a TV as a feature and make it work within your design. Brands are now framing TV’s like they would a picture, so it sits on the wall & does a good job of giving you the content you need, but also sitting visually in the background. TV’s can be hidden in cabinetry or behind mirrors, only becoming visible when the screen is illuminated. The focus should be on you and your comfort rather than a piece of technology that serves content…

Ongoing Trends

I always consider that a bedroom should have a feminine touch. A bedroom is a place of comfort and relaxation and should have a softness to it.