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Restaurants and Lounge Bars Design Trends 2017

August 2, 2017 by dlgAdmin

Nowadays, we need more than just good food to attract customers. Well-informed, they are always looking to be impressed and searching for restaurants that can offer them a unique and memorable dining experience.

The ideal option would be to have a venue that combines dining, drinking and dancing. It’s convenient for all of us to spend the night at one place where you can have a nice dinner, enjoy a drink with your friends, family and dance.


Fine dining restaurant is a place where etiquette have to be respected, the atmosphere and the decor is different from casual restaurants and is of higher-quality materials, dress code has to be respected for men and women.

Fine dining restaurants also generally offer more exotic or interesting menu items; the food will generally be of a higher quality and tend to be on the more expensive side.


It is the part of a pub with seating that is more comfortable with more expensive drinks and light bites.


Brunch is a meal eaten instead of and during the hours between breakfast and lunch. Brunch is usually a social occasion & is often a shared meal between friends on the weekend. Many people chose to treat themselves to brunch and many restaurants and hotels provide a special menu and price structure for the event…


Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight. It can be live music DJ, belly dancer, live singer, or any other similar activity.

It’s the latest concept design trend in the GCC region since many places in the UAE have now adopted a one-stop-shop attitude to a night out, such as The Marina Social & the Social Room Restaurant designed by Draw Link Group, that is now considered as the one of the top hot spots in Dubai.

The restaurant is situated at the InterContinental Dubai Marina Hotel, and is a 170-cover fine dining venue designed in a contemporary sleek and sophisticated style. The restaurant is part of acclaimed Michelin-starred British chef Jason Atherton’s “Social” Restaurant Empire, and celebrates de-formalized dining within a relaxed, social atmosphere.

The Marina Social and the Social Room


The restaurant is split into two parts that are connected by a bridge – the bar (The Social Room) and the dining area (The Marina Social). The novelty of crossing the bridge to access the venue not only renders this unique space into multi-functional areas, but as well, allows the guests to experience an exceptional sense of entrance by the occasion to walk over the bridge and pass through the big opulent doors.

The venue reflects its surroundings, utilizing clean lines and industrial materials to convey an understated, contemporary attitude. Although occupying a sweeping 535m2 space within the hotel, the restaurant is subtly compartmentalized by diving walls and mixed seating for a heightened sense of intimacy. The private dining room at the Marina Social, seating up to 16, serves as a setting for a business lunch or celebratory dinner, while an outdoor terrace offers stunning panoramic views of the waterfront, overlooking the buzzing marina.

Aesthetic Values & Functionality

The use of natural and raw materials was the driving force behind the design concept, creating a rustic ambience, which gives a feeling of being in a renovated old space. Some elements such as the wood mesh panels, the red colored glass and of course, the peeking heads of the 8 meter height sculptures coming all the way up from the ground floor contribute to the overall artistic theme of the hotel to ensure a visual connection between the spaces.

The floor is a combination of Italian stone and solid parquet in oak wood, while the walls in the bar area are made in fair faced concrete. Interlocking wood panels in the bar area, brass and stainless steel metal mesh screen in the main dining area accentuate the natural look of the space. The paired-down aesthetic of the furnishings by RITZWELL, SANCAL, FRITZ HANSEN and EXPORMIM – is offset by the drama of the food and beverage presentation.

As a result, you get a place with a unique dining environment and very comfortable seating with colors that create a sensory stimulation and has a psychological association with the sense of smell, as well as appetite. The overall ambience directs the mood of the guests positively, and this can be seen through the extended time spent at the venue, and the constant increasing number of new comers.