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[ the art of bringing it all together ]



key people

[ designing the vision ]

We believe that our professional, enthusiastic and creative team is a major part of our success. For the last 20 years, our expert designers, project management team and experienced craftsmen have made it their goal to make every project perfect. By combining many multicultural fields expertise, we have achieved the ability to operate efficiently with a motivated and resourceful team.

manufacturing facilities

[ making the passion real ]

What sets us apart is our very own in-house manufacturing facilities,ensuring accuracy to client requirements, fast delivery and a consistent control of products. With highly skilled specialists and the most up to date machinery, we guarantee an undisrupted supply chain. Together with a workforce of highly skilled specialists and the most up to date machinery, we guarantee the essential part of managing our supply chain.

products supply

[ endless possibilities ]

Knowing the products you provide is a key aspect of business. But equally important is a strong product that constantly evolves and improves while keeping competitive prices. Whatever it is you may dream of, however challenging the vision might be, chances are that we not only have something that fits the bill, but we might also have that which you hadn’t thought of. Offering the highest quality and most effective products is what we take pride in. With our experience, we can make the difference between good and great.

reliable partners

[ creating the difference ]

In the fit out industry it is important to work closely with a wide range of subcontractors and suppliers with complementary skills to ensure a successful final result. At Draw Link Projects, we pride ourselves in our network of over 5,000 reliable and trusted partners that understand the level of excellence and professionalism that our clients and we insist upon. Together, we ensure that we offer first class products of the highest quality, with detail oriented and cost-effective services.

R&D research & development

[ the future is bright ]

By working with new materials and technology we keep ahead of the market and meet our customers’ needs and anticipate their future requirements. This is done by R&D. It is the cornerstone of our business model, endlessly challenging the status quo. Our commitment is to provide our customers with the very best there is to offer.

value engineering

[ the path to improvement ]

Value engineering can be defined as an organized approach to providing the necessary functions at the lowest cost, without affecting the quality of the product. This is a process that is applied to all our projects, starting from the structural design itself, to assessing the materials used and the methods of production applied. Our industry understanding and precise market know how are some of our principal assets, making us an authority on today’s value engineering projects.

after sales services

[ a relationship of support ]

At Draw Link Projects, we firmly believe that customer satisfaction is a vital part of our business success. We consider the association between our clients and us as an important ongoing relationship, that doesn’t end with the completion of a particular project. Our ever-growing business is a positive testimony to that. We understand that good service not only attracts new business and creates a loyal customer base, but also makes us stand out from the rest.


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